John Deere

Dialogmarketing seit 1993


  • Unterstützung bei der Kommunikation zwischen den lokalen Händlern und deren Endkunden
  • Dienstleister für das gesamte internationale Dialogmarketing


  • Aufbau eines Systems zur Steuerung der internationalen Kundenkommunikation
  • Datenmanagement inkl. Portooptimierung, Systemmailings mit Vertriebspartner- und Verkäuferpersonalisierung, Magazinproduktion, Folierung, Adressierung, Kartenprägung und internationaler Versand
  • Versand von 600.000 Mailings in 35 verschiedene Länder
  • Magazinversand in Höhe von mehr als 3,7 Mio. Exemplaren, verteilt in 25 Länder und 6 Auflagen


  • Datenbanklösung für eine bedarfsorientierte Produkt- bzw. Aktionsinformation beim Endkunden mit Vertriebspartnerbezug
  • Kosteneinsparung bei Porto und Materialien
  • Verbesserung des Verkaufserfolgs

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7 hurt in shooting at downtown Toronto mall One victim, a 25 year old man,cheap jerseys china, was pronounced dead at the scene; two victims, a man in his 20s and a 13 year old boy, were in critical condition, Kwong said. Two women and a man were seriously wounded and one woman was grazed by a bullet.A 30 year old pregnant woman injured during the rush out of the mall went into labor, CP24 reported.Police Chief Bill Blair said at a news conference that bystanders hit by gunfire were in the "general vicinity" of a targeted victim, CP24 reported. The 13 year old boy was a "totally innocent bystander," he said. near the food court, CTV television reported.Video from the scene showed paramedics attending to what appeared to be a victim inside the mall. Paramedics were also seen rushing a male on a stretcher into an ambulance.Blue Jays player sprints away as shots firedCP24 television reporter Jackie Crandles said she heard police and security "running around the mall yelling at people to get out of the mall,
10 tips for getting the best deal on insurance Rip off insurance and sky high fuel prices have cast dark clouds over many family summer holidays and left them hundreds of pounds out of pocket. Hiring a car for a family fortnight in the sun is fast becoming one of the biggest concerns for people heading to Europe. What seemed like a cheap deal back in Britain suddenly shoots up as car rental firms force holidaymakers to take out expensive extra insurance to cover excesses and then hit them with extortionate charges for a tank of petrol often double the actual price. This is adding a typical extra to the cost of a trip abroad and dipping into precious holiday spending money. We have had endless calls from readers about their horrors at the hands of car rental firms with Spain,wholesale jerseys, Italy and Portugal the worst destinations for being taken for a ride. When renting a vehicle the insurance cover included in the deal is basic and often comes with a hefty excess. This can typically be around the 1,000 euros mark around and