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Graduation Thank You Gifts for Parents, cards against humanity game online Gifts that are personalized or made from scratch by the giver are always appreciated. Give them personalized mugs, against humanity game, plates and witty shirts with various prints. A collage of your favorite pictures mounted on a simple frame also shows the effort and thought that you have put into the gift. Play to the parents’ interests. For example, if they are into gardening, assemble a gardening tool kit with some seeds, new set of gardening tools and coffee table books. If they enjoy wine, game cards against humanity, assemble a basket of manchego, best cards against humanity, Gruyere and cheddar cheeses along with several bottles of wine. A digital photo frame is a useful and practical gift choice for parents. This saves them a lot of money in the long run; instead of printing pictures, they can just update the contents of the digital photo frame. For a nice surprise, preload the frame with photos of the student and parents throughout the years. Load an e book reader with a few of their favorite books on their to read list as another useful gift, or purchase a gift card so they can download their own selections. Think of items that need replacing at home and give them an upgraded version of it, even if it is as simple as a microwave oven, computer chair or flat screen TV. You can address your parents specifically, . . As school year winds to a close, graduates start receiving gifts from. carda against humanity wm xyb jk